How hot water systems work

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How hot water systems work?

The hot water system is a home plumbing system that involves the use of the central boiler, which would help heat up the water to about 60 to 83 degrees Celsius. This hot water will then be circulated through a pipe to coil units known as radiators. These radiators are located in various rooms in the house.

What makes how water flow?

Gravity and pressure are used to drive the hot water through pipes. More commonly, pumps are used to drive the hot water as it is more efficient and easier to control. Pumps are also more flexible.

Hot water systems supply hot water to the rooms, giving out heat via the emitters from the hot heater’s surface through radiation and convection.

After a while, the hot water becomes a little cooler and is returned to the boiler.

This is how most hot water systems in homes work, heating homes, releasing hot water for baths, etc. Hot water system would need installation for it to be available in your home. It would need maintenance and service after some time. It would also need repairing anytime it goes bad and doesn’t work properly.


What do we do?

Prolific Plumbing can help you to install a hot water system and provide maintenance, service and repairs.

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So what hot water plumbing services do we provide?

Our hot water system, installation services include:

  • Hot water plumbing installation
  • Hot water plumbing maintenance
  • Emergency hot water plumbing
  • Hot water plumbing replacement
  • Hot more ware plumbing repairs

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