Strata plumbing in Sydney

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How to solve strata plumbing. Sydney guide

Strata plumbing comes into play when your property is part of a strata scheme. The strata title is given to properties that share common things with other properties like when both properties with different owners share a parcel of land.

Each property, in this case, is called a lot, when homeowners share a common property the plumbing of the property will run through the bout units and this becomes common property. This common property is managed by the owner’s cooperation.

The owner’s cooperation consists of all the owners of lots on the same land which was subdivided into specific units, townhouses, or apartments.
There are sometimes issues when plumbing issues occur on the properties, for instance, let’s say there is a leaking pipe causing damage to the common property some units on the land.

Usually, it’s the job of the insurance company and the owner’s corporation and the private owner suspected to be the cause of the leak would take the strata titles to determine who owned the portion of the pipe that got compromised.
Doing this analysis or assessment can be complex as it would require the engagement of specialized consultants, loss adjusters, and legal counsels.

So what exactly is strata plumbing?

Strata plumbing is the term used in referring to the plumbing work like pipes fitting and fixtures that enable water to flow in and out of a property that is bound by strata title.

Strata titles, as we have explained in the introduction, refers to apartments, units, or houses that are interconnected, that means they share the same pipework into the different lots.

Most ties lots townhouse or apartment in a strata setting have the same plumbing lines except if it was factored into consideration during the construction to create different lines for the different lots on the building.

The reason most buildings don’t use a separate plumbing line is because it is very expensive to install and would result in the interconnection of too many pipes and fittings into the buildings.

Some of the common plumbing issues that arise for strata plumbing are:

  1. Leaking shower in private property: for this the liability is on the owner of the private property if the cause of the leak is discovered to come from an internal fitting. But if the problems were found on a plumbing appliance that was caused by common property infrastructure then the liability falls on the owners cooperation.
  2. Leak from one property to another: this depends on how the leaks get to each apartment. If it is caused by the private lot internal fixtures then the responsibility is on him but if it is caused by plumbing installed between the walls serving both properties then it’s the owners corporation responsibility.
  3. Burst pipe under private property floor: A burst pipe is normally the responsibility of the owner’s cooperation but if it’s caused by the toilet of a private unit then it becomes their responsibility.

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