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Water filter or filtration is a process of reducing the contamination in water by removing the impurities in the water, using a fine physical barrier like a sieve, or any chemical/biological process that reduces contaminants in water.

With this definition, it is understood that water filtration is used in houses to purify water, it is used for purifying drinkable water in the house which means installing water filters for the taps running in the living room and the kitchen.
Water filtration is also used to purify/reduce contamination in water used for bathing and also used to soften hard water.

Benefits of installing a water filter

There is a lot of benefit to installing a water filter system into the house. The obvious and very relatable one is the removal of contamination in drinking water and making it safe for drinking.  The fact is Australian tap water is only monitored for 70 chemicals, whilst there are over 300 known chemicals that should be of concern.

Filtering tap water was once a luxury only a few individuals could afford but it is no more regarded as a luxury but now an important accessory people should have in their homes.

Installation of water filters is not as expensive as it used to be, as companies have brought up cheaper and more efficient equipment, and methods to install and maintain your water filter installation system. No matter how good your tap water may seem, there is always some level of contamination inside it. Some of these contaminations are man-made, which may be from some defects in the drainage system (we can fix this along with unblocking drains), however, most times contaminants come from nature.

Rivers and lakes are always considered the best source for natural clean water, but you should know it still contains a lot of contaminations which are caused by stuff like acid rain, polluters, and even storm runoff.

This goes to show that water from its different source comes with its contaminants and these contaminants are harmful to the body and should be removed which is why it is advised every home has its water filtration system.

Prolific Plumbing offers the best water filter installation in Sydney. We can install water filters standalone or as part of a bigger vanity installation job.

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Types of water filter systems we install

Water filters come in different variations and specifications. This gives you the choice to pick which one you prefer depending on how you want your water to be purified. The different water filters vary in their price in their speed of removing the contaminants in water and also vary in filter lifespan, capacity, and a lot more properties.

Below we have written a short description of how some water filtration systems work. Here is a list of water filter systems you can have in your house.

Faucet filters

This is one of the most common water filters used in homes and it is not hard to install. How do you use this to filter your water? Well, the faucets filters will be screwed directly into your sink faucet. After the connection, the plumber will fix a pass-through that would allow your sink to flow freely whenever you decide to not use your faucet filters.

Once you have your faucet filters installed you would simply need to turn on the switch in the filter. Instantly your water flow to the sink will be passing through the filter and cleaner and well-filtered water flow will be coming out of the tap of the sink.

Since your water comes from the main water supply line then you are equipped with unlimited filtered water as you can filter all the water flow coming from your water supply to your sink.

Some of the advantages of using faucet filters include:

  1. Removal of chlorine and fluoride from your drinking water due to its unpleasant odor in drinking water
  2. It saves cost as you spend less on having quality drinking water.
  3. It saves the environment as it reduces the buying of plastic bottled water which in turn reduces the pollution caused on the environment by plastics.
  4. It removes heavy metals from the water, metallic elements like lead, mercury, and arsenic are found in most unfiltered and tap water. These substances would harm your body once exposed to it.
  5. Faucet filter reduces PH level of water to its right PH, most unfiltered waters have a PH of around 8.5 which is far from 7. A PH of 7 is the ideal PH for drinking water. The faucet filter helps you reduce the PH to this point.

In conclusion, faucet filtered water will improve your health, hydration habit, remove antioxidants and contaminations in the water, it will improve food taste and you would enjoy a more relaxed and healthy life.

Countertop filters

Countertop filters are a form of water filter system that works just like the faucet filters but with some little variation. In the countertop filters, there are two different types. The first types contain a larger reservoir at the bottom and a filter at the top. This reservoir can hold a lot of water as much as 2.25 gallons of room temperature water. Some might be tempted to put this reservoir in the Refrigerator, well it wouldn’t fit.

The second type of countertop filter is the type that is hooked directly from your home’s main water at your kitchen sink. This type has its faucet, which helps to dispense filtered water whenever you turn it on. Although this type might be a little more expensive, it is much smaller and will only occupy little space. You can also have access to an unlimited supply of filtered water as it is connected directly to your home’s main water supply which is one advantage it has over the other type of countertop filter.

One downside with this type of countertop is that the water flow from it might be a bit slow

Some of the benefits of using the countertop filter include:

  1. Better tasting water as your filtered water will be clearer and cleaner without odour.
  2. It also saves us money when compared to the cost of purchasing bottled water
  3. It also saves the environment as the purchasing of plastic bottled water will reduce, there are also numerous health benefits you will get from drinking filtered water which would result in a healthier lifestyle.
  4. Another benefit is the countertop filters are quite easy to install and would require minimal space, countertop filters also require minimal maintenance and filter changes and is a good value for each dollar you spend on it.

Under-sink filters

This is the type of water filtration system that fits underneath your sink, as the name implies you can easily hook this water filter system directly to your main water supply line. With this, you get an unlimited supply of filtered water to your tap.

The under-sink filters contain a small faucet that is mounted by the main faucet on the countertop. The filters in the under-sink filter might be single or multiple and are designed to filter all the contaminants in a more multiple process system.

You should know once the filters reach their life span you can easily replace them but you should not worry as you won’t be changing them often. The under-sink filters tend to last more than many other types of water filters.

Some of the benefits of using under sink filter include:

  1. Access to clean and clear odourless water
  2. It is cost-efficient and easy to install while it requires very likely space as they take the space under the sink which is a good advantage of the countertop.

Some of the disadvantages include it requires additional installation of a water filter tap and it can only filter water at one point of use.

Whole house filters

This is the biggest and largest type of water filter system, as the name implies it is used to filter the water entering into the house. This means any tap in the house will release filtered and purified water. You should also know that this type of filter system is very expensive, sometimes several times more expensive than the other water filter types in this list.

The whole just filter is a multi-stage filtering system that would remove all the contaminants from the water entering into your homes from the water supply line. It would also have a water softener that could softener hard water and eliminate water spots. The water flowing into your house would have a flow rate of about 10-15 GPM and even higher.

You should know you would need a professional to help connect the whole house filters to the main water line. Prolific plumbers are professional in fixing a whole home water filter for your homes and they are not just good at fixing whole water filters they can help install and maintain all types of water filters for your homes including all the ones mentioned in this list.

The benefits of using the whole house filter

  1. You would have access to an unlimited supply of clean, clear, safe, and odourless drinkable water for you and your household,
  2. Having healthy skin and hair. This is made possible due to your bathing with pure soft water which is without the buildup of some minerals that are present in hard water.
  3. You would also experience a reduced risk of gastrointestinal diseases, drinking filtered clean water will protect you from getting sickness caused by bacteria from dirty water like e-coli, etc.
  4.   Bathing filtered water would also minimize the aggravation of skin conditions, hard water will dry and make your skin dull.
  5.   Your water will taste better and purer. Drinking filtered water would also reduce the risk of cancer.

Installing a whole-house filtration system will help you and your family live healthier lives.

Ultraviolet filters

Ultraviolet filters are a very unique type of water filter system as it purifies your home water by exposing the water to Ultraviolet light which would kill bacteria, viruses, protozoa and any microorganism in your water. Ultraviolet filters are small in size and they run on batteries and are a bit more expensive than the other portable types of water filters available.

Some of the downsides of using the Ultraviolet filters include their incapability to remove sediments from your water which means it is not an ideal method for filtering water with sediments or solid particles. But it still produces water without microorganism contaminants.

Reverse osmosis system

In this type of water filter system, the water flow is passed through a semipermeable membrane filter which will remove all the contaminants, chemicals, and particles in the water.

They remove practically everything that is in the water including the essential minerals that are normally added to the water for good health like magnesium and calcium. For this reason, most reverse osmosis systems have an alkylation stage that balances the PH of the water and adds the essential minerals back into the water flow.

Some of the benefits of using the reverse osmosis filter system include:

  1. It provides an unlimited supply of clean, and safe water with improved taste as reverse osmosis will remove all kinds of contaminants found in tap water.
  2. It eliminates the need for plastic bottled water.
  3. It saves you money and also safe our environs from the pollution of plastics from the plastic bottled water.

Water softeners

This is a special type of water filter that helps to remove hard minerals from water by replacing the hard minerals with soft water ions like sodium ions. This would soften the water, giving it better properties for home usage. soft water does not form limescale when it is boiled and it will make your skin and hair look better.

Water softeners tend to be one of the more expensive types of water filters and can be used to soften the water flow into the entire taps in your home.

You should know that there are still other types of water filter systems which include the squeeze or gravity filter, portable pump filter, straw filters, water bottle filters which are small-scale water filters and are used mostly for low-scale water filtering.

All kinds of water filters can be installed and maintained by Prolific Plumbing in Sydney. Contact them today and enjoy an unlimited supply of clean filtered water.

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Types of contaminants that water filters will help you remove from your home water supply

There are four major types of contaminants in water and they are physical like the sediments in water, chemicals like magnesium in hard water, biological examples are the harmful micro-organisms in the water, and radiological particles like radon.

All these water contaminants above get removed by water filters. Let’s dive deeper into these types of contaminants

water filters

Physical contaminants

Physical contaminants include microscopic particles like rust, fibres, oils, metals, silica, dust, sands, and microplastics to mention are few, are the type of materials that are found in a lot of water flowing into different homes. Using all the water filters in this list except the ultraviolet filters will remove 99.99 per cent of the physical contaminants in your water, making them better for drinking and bathing.

Chemical contaminants

Chemical contaminants include chemicals like magnesium that cause hard water. Chlorine also is an effective sanitation agent used to purify water from the water reservoirs but it leaves behind an unpleasant taste and smell. It has also been shown that chlorine can increase cancer risk by about 93%.

Chlorine is not the only chemical in the water that gets to the house, other chemicals will mix with the chlorine making matters worse. You end up drinking such a chemical mixture that can cause serious stomach issues, weakening our immune systems.

Some other chemical contaminants include lead which is one type of contaminants that you should make sure it is not in your drinking water, some of us are familiar with the phrase “lead poisoning” which is a kind of disease that causes high blood pressure, kidney damages, developmental issue in children and also brain damage, there have been cases of it. Using water filters will protect you from chemical contaminants like that.

Another chemical contaminant you should be wary of is arsenic which could leach into your water supply through rock formations. A long-term intake of arsenic could lead to diabetes, skin lesions, cancer, and eventually death. Water filters will help you remove most of the chemical contaminants from your home water supply, making it safe for drinking, cooking, bathing, and all other activities.

Radiological contaminants

A lot of us are unaware of these kinds of contaminants. We should know radioactive materials like radium can be found naturally in the earth and could also get into your main water supply. Radium does not have taste or smell.

It would slowly enter your body and replace the calcium leading to what is known as bone degradation. It can also lead to other health issues like fatigue, vomiting, Hair Loss, and even cancer. Water filters are often designed to help remove radioactive contaminants like radium from your water.

Water filters reduce all these harmful elements in your water supply, water filters will treat your entire house water source and make them good for drinking, cooking, and every other kind of activity.

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