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Need or want to renovate your kitchen and looking for a plumber who has experience in the installation of modern plumbing and gas appliances?

Prolific Plumbing are a reliable, insured and highly experienced team of kitchen plumbers to help coordinate, design, strategies and implement a plumbing system in an efficient way that meets deadlines and quality work.


We’ll come to your place to look at the current plumbing and gas installed and discuss your plans for the renovation. We’ll give you a quote on removal of your old plumbing and the installation of the new.

Working with your builders, tilers, carpenters and architects, we’ll deliver a state of the art plumbing and gas system that matches your new modern kitchen with all work guaranteed to be of the highest quality in Sydney.

Prolific Plumbing can install commercial grade kitchens in private residences as well as installed outdoor kitchens as part of a landscaping makeover.

Kitchen Renovations?

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Getting Your Kitchen Plumbing Done Right The First Time Is Crucial!

Bathroom & Kitchen renovations can be a massive project that has to involve exceptional project management in order to be done right the first time! Which is why having an exceptional plumbing team that can help coordinate the project is vital in navigating and implementing all the different appliances, fixtures and designs.

Our master plumbers will carefully plan and work closely with you. We determine the best plumbing systems for your kitchen based on your designs, then we prepare what pipe fittings need to be connected and disconnected. Additionally, we will determine what fixtures and appliances need to be installed.

Our specialists will also give you advice on the dos and don’ts of everything that comes with a kitchen renovation. This includes how to plan concepts, giving you a realistic quotation, how much to budget for your renovation, and an overall cost breakdown.

At Prolific Plumbing we have over 15 years of experience in providing a highly regarded service for residential properties as well as commercial properties.

You can work towards your dream kitchen project confidently with Prolific Plumbing.

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Six Kitchen Renovation Mistakes You Might Be Making

Before you begin your kitchen renovation plan, there are some things you have to keep in mind, you have to lay out some strategies to avoid common mistakes.

Here are the six kitchen renovation mistakes you should look out for.

  1. Not Budgeting for The Project: This is the most crucial part before you start your renovation, and a lot of people make this  mistake. Your budget determines the type of materials you can afford. Using the scale of preference is also a crucial pre-renovation strategy. It will make you decide on things you want and things you don’t want.
  2. Wasting Space: Even in big kitchens, you need to consider dead spaces within the kitchen. No one wants to walk over half a mile to get a bottle of water to drink. Sometimes you might feel that your kitchen space is large enough, only to realize there is no space left mid-way to your renovation. It can be annoying and frustrating.
  3. Know when to Ask for Help from Professionals: It is not just about knowing alone but skill is also essential for kitchen renovations. Homeowners feel tempted to employ their creativity when they get stuck while renovating their kitchen. It won’t hurt if you seek an experienced person’s help.
  4. Overloading The Island: If your island can’t contain all the accessories you want to add, then it would be wise if you fit two islands in your kitchen. Making an island too long or designing islands with a long breadth is a bad idea as it would be stressful for you to walk around it or reach something in the middle. Overstuffing your island with kitchen appliances, sinks, and other kitchen items pose a similar dilemma. Ensure that your island storage doesn’t go beyond the rim of the countertop.
  5. Making Changes While Renovation Is in Progress: This is one of the biggest mistakes homeowners make. Make a list of your plans before commencing with your renovation. Making changes after the work begins can be damaging. You will end up spending more than your budget.
  6. Putting Style Before Function: Everyone wants a kitchen they can be proud of, Perhaps, you want a kitchen design you can show off to your family and friends. However, before thinking about your kitchen layout, you have to consider its functionality.

What good is a beautiful kitchen without its functionality? I would rather have a bad kitchen layout that makes my life easier than having a good layout with bad functionality.

Seven Simple Ways to Make Your Kitchen Look Brand New

(Without Breaking the Bank)

As we find in many relationships, things can get stale between you and your kitchen. It might look good after cleaning them but some appliances won’t sparkle like they used to even after scrubbing them with so many detergents and baking soda, that wallpaper that once beautified your kitchen is now antagonistic to the beauty of your kitchen.

That backlash that once made you smile now gets you worried every time you see it. But that doesn’t mean you have to pour all your money into a kitchen renovation and spend the next year eating out of a can simply because of a simple kitchen remodel.

These small kitchen update projects can make a big impact without the need for spending extravagantly.


Incorporate New Lighting

Adding beautiful lighting above your kitchen island is a great way to draw people’s attention to the centre of the kitchen while giving you better lighting for visibility while you are working. And if you choose well, you might be able to get modern or pendant lighting without breaking the bank.

Use Colour Contrast

Choosing the right colour to use for your kitchen remodelling can be challenging, and most times, you get frustrated. Here is where colour contrast becomes a life-saver. Colour contrast is just as simple as using two different colours for the top and bottom cabinets. Using a black and white colour contrast gives your kitchen a modern look. People that want an all-white kitchen design can opt-in for white and dove colour contrast if they can’t decide because of how basic it is. And if you want a colourful layout, then yellow and blue is a great idea.

Replace the flooring

The flooring design is not something people consciously look at but, changing your flooring can alter the whole look of your kitchen.

Using hardwood for your flooring gives it a unique look. You could also try stencilling a design onto the floor of your kitchen to create a chic and bold patterned effect. You can check out some other flooring designs and pick what will work for you.

Change kitchen vanity

Make sure to upgrade and install a new kitchen vanity. It will look good. Out-of-box vanities are easy to install. Check out the bathroom vanity installation page for a how-to.

Upgrade Your Appliances

Modern appliances contribute greatly to every kitchen’s beauty, and without this, your hard work may go to waste. Your kitchen remodelling layout will always feel weird after painting your cabinet, replacing the floor, using mouth-watering lighting design, and unique wallpaper if you still use obsolete appliances. Upgrading your appliances gives your kitchen the best look it can ever get. This part is necessary if your appliances are outdated.

Update the splashback

Updating your backsplash appears to be a challenging kitchen renovation process. But with the help of peel-and-stick technology, you can replace your backsplash easily without the need to deal with grout.

Paint your cabinet

The cabinet is arguably the centre of attraction of the kitchen. It takes up a lot of area in your kitchen. Due to this, refreshing the paint coat on your cabinet is one of the smartest things you can do to remodel your kitchen, this brings life to the kitchen.

But there is one problem, painting a cabinet can be very tricky and tasking though there are few steps you can use to overcome this. There are two critical questions you need to ask yourself before painting your cabinet: what type of paint you would want to use and your budget for the renovation.

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