Do you stay in Lilli Pilli? Are you looking for a plumbing service near you? To provide you with the best plumbing services with fast response time, 24 hours of active service all year round even during holidays, and don’t collect extra fees. You have come to the right place.

Prolific plumbing services in Lilli Pilli is one of the best around. The plumbing team comprises professional, experienced plumbers ready to give you the best of service anytime you call on us. We offer a wide range of services to our valued customers. We want to be the number one plumbing services provider for everyone in Lilli Pilli.

Our customer’s satisfaction is the target of the company. We are licensed and insured to work in Lilli Pilli and render professional residential plumbing services, from pipe leaking issues to gas fitting to hot water systems, just name it.

let’s show off some of our services:

Lilli Pilli Emergency

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Toilet Repair Lilli Pilli:

Prolific plumbing services in Lilli Pilli have been servicing the Lilli Pilli community for a long time now. We have handled many toilet issues for our various customers ranging from toilet drain blockage to toilet leakage. Over the years of working, we have developed very awesome work ethics that make us stand above our peers.

A toilet leak is a bad plumbing issue to leave for a long time. It will create an unhygienic environment in your homes. If you have toilet leaks, toilet waste will be leaking to the floorboard, spreading bacterial infections. Another issue can be the toilet blockage issues. If you leave these issues for a long time, it could cause a lot more severe damage.

It is advisable to bring in qualified professional plumbing service to the problem instead of trying DIY solutions, worsening the problems, or creating a temporary solution until it returns. If you decide to bring in a plumber, let Prolific plumbing help fix this. Prolific plumbing fixes all types of plumbing issues faced by all types of apartments in Lilli Pilli.

You don’t need to worry about anything once you have Prolific plumbing services. You just have to relax and use your toilets and other tools without worry, knowing fully well you had the best of plumbing service. So, give us a call today, and let’s fix it!

Gas Fitting in Lilli Pilli:

Do you need gas fittings for your hot water systems? Or do you need gas fitting for your kitchen or bathroom renovation? Any kind of gas fitting service you need is right here in prolific plumbing services in Lilli Pilli. You don’t have to wait for a long time to get our professional plumbers to fix it for you.

Our gas fitting services include:

  •         Installation of flue
  •         Connection of gas pressure regulation system.
  •         Gas meter installation with pipework and valves
  •         Gas detection system installation
  •         Installation of gas pipes
  •         Gas pressure adjustments
  •         Measurement and placement of gas equipment
  •         Gas bottle installation with pigtails, gas lines, changeover valves regulators
  •         Repair, maintenance Conversion, and installation of gas appliances, etc.

Don’t just hire anyone to do gas fitting work for you. Instead, go with a Prolific gas fitting expert today. We offer the best of gas fitting services to our Lilli Pilli customers. We are tested and trusted with a lot of five-star ratings on our services.

Drain blockage Lilli Pilli:

Some of the early signs of blocked drains include gurgling drain pipes, the sink takes longer to drain water, and the toilet’s water level gets too low or too high. There are a few of the first signs of block drains.

Blocked drains are very bad plumbing issues that result from substances not allowing your drained water to pass through properly. A blocked drain can cause a smelly and nasty living environment with the possibility of transferring bacteria, which can infect you and your family members.

It will be better If you give us a call today. If the block drains go unchecked, it could block the whole sewer line. Then the sludge and sewage water could end up pouring out your sink, toilets, and other drain outlets due to your negligence to the blocked drain. This is a very unpleasant situation.

Some tips can help you prevent drain blockage at least on your own sewer line.

You can prevent your drain from getting blocked by making sure you don’t throw greasy food material down the sink. This greasy food will go into the drain and solidify into solid fats, accumulating, and blocking the severs.

You should also cover the plug holes in your bathroom and sink with filters to prevent hair and other hard objects from entering the drainage system. Even with all these preventions, a drain can still go bad with time due to deterioration that takes place naturally on old drains. So sometimes, drain blockage might not be caused by your actions. In any case, don’t forget Prolific plumbing got you covered


Prolific plumbing, a local Lilli Pilli plumbing service, also offers a wide range of services that include

  •         Blocked dam repairs
  •         Toilet repairs
  •         Repairing overflowing drains
  •         Leaking pipe fixing
  •         Blocked stormwater repairs
  •         Kitchen sinks
  •         Gutter leaks repairs
  •         Bathroom plumbing
  •         Unblocking of any drain
  •         Gas heater installation
  •         Das heater detection
  •         Pipe relining
  •         Water filter
  •         Hot water system installation
  •         Burst pipe repairing
  •         Toilet installation
  •         Emergency plumbing work
  •         Sewage services
  •         Gas fitting services
  •         Leaking pipe detection
  •         Backflow prevention
  •         Roof leaks
  •         Drain inspection using CCTV
  •         Gas heater repairs
  •         Leaking shower repairs

Why choose prolific plumbing services south Hurstville

  1.       We have many satisfied customers who have given reviews about our work and have made Prolific plumbing their go-to plumbing service provider.
  2.       We offer 24 hours of plumbing services every day, all through the year. So anytime you need a plumbing service, we are always there to help
  3.       We offer some of the best prices for our services, all in a bid to make out work very affordable prices for our customers. More so our prices are not volatile, i.e., increase today and fall tomorrow.
  4.       Our plumbers are highly skilled and experienced in the plumbing business. They offer their services in the most professional way possible.
  5.       We arrive at the doorpost before the agreed time. We are always very punctual
  6.       All our plumbers are fully licensed, and our plumbing services are insured, so be sure to get the best of services all year round.


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