Prolific plumbing currently offers quality plumbing services to the residents of Lakemba. Prolific plumbing is known for its fast responses, reliability, lower service rates, experienced and qualified plumbers.

Prolific plumbers are professional and respectable in all their dealings with our customers as our customers’ interest is our main priority. We are locally based in Lakemba. We supply high-quality installation, maintenance, repair, and installation services on all the different plumbing appliances in your buildings.

Prolific plumber is very professional and experienced in different plumbing services. They always deliver the best plumbing solutions to your plumbing issues.

They are well equipped with well-stocked trucks that have everything they need to fix your plumbing issues easily, without wasting time sourcing for plumbing materials. This feature will reduce the time required to fix your plumbing issues.

Throughout the years of delivering quality plumbing services, we have built a reputation for providing good services in Lakemba. Below are some of our services we offer the residents of Lakemba

  1. Hot water system installation
  2. Burst pipe repairing
  3. Toilet installation
  4. Emergency plumbing work
  5. Sewage services
  6. Gas fitting services
  7. Leaking pipe detection
  8. Leaking pipe fixing
  9. Blocked stormwater repairs
  10. Kitchen sinks
  11. Gutter leaks repairs
  12. Blocked dam repairs
  13. Toilet repairs
  14. Repairing overflowing drains
  15. Bathroom plumbing
  16. Unblocking of any drain
  17. Gas heater installation
  18. Das heater detection
  19. Pipe relining
  20. Water filter
  21. Backflow prevention
  22. Roof leaks
  23. Drain inspection sing CCTV
  24. Gas heater repairs
  25. Leaking shower repairs

These are some of the numerous plumbing services we provide. Don’t go around getting mediocre plumbers to fix your issues. Call prolific plumbing today.

How do we offer our services?

Our contact lines are always available for you to contact us with your plumbing issue. They are available 24/7. When you call, we would listen to your plumbing issues and assess the situation of things.

Once we have gotten a good understanding of the problem, we would provide a quote. Once you are cool with the quote, we would send our team over there

We would both agree on a stipulated time for our plumbing team to get to your place. And like we said earlier, if they fail to meet up, you will earn a $100 discount. But I doubt this will ever happen. Our plumbing team has a perfect response time.

Once our plumbing team gets to your place, they will do a physical evaluation of the problem. Prolific plumbers will highlight the solution to you while showing the different processes involved in fixing the plumbing problem and how much time it will take.

Once we are done fixing your plumbing issue, we make sure we clean up the work area and vacuum the place.

Finally, the last process is to pay up for the services. The payment is the price given to you on the quote earlier. There are no extra charges. We have different payment methods, which include all kinds of card payments and even cash.

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